Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Have just turned on the T.V to find a full on tsunami warning after an earthquake in the northern area of Hokkaido.
(in japanese only)
this was a quake magnitude 8.1.
Depending upon the area (very wide) the height of the tsunami could reach from between half a meter and a maximum possible height of 7 meters.
The tsunami is expected to strike any time from now (9:20) to 10pm.
In Nagoya we didn't feel a thing. news still coming in. more to follow.
News advises those feeling tremmor to reach high ground fast.
Quake hit the Hinan Islands.


Anonymous said...

hey nick ! good luck with the tsunami , the moon is closer now than it has been in thousands of years- Rige

nick said...

cheers Rige, didn't know that.
as it goes the area of Japan I live in has been waiting for the big one to hit for the past 30 years or so. hope to god it doesn't!