Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year T.V

No visual aids for this, just use your imagination.

Japanese T.V has a reputation abroad for people doing crazy, often dangerous and very often painful things on gameshows. The show on T.V at the moment is along those lines.

Two teams competing for points. The challenge I just saw had two men sitting in a bath of water, trying to name 7 characters from the famous animation show "Doraemon" while the water was heated to 50 degrees using stones heated red hot over a fire.

The first to do so won 1 point and the first use of the bucket of ice set beside the bath.

Great balls of fire!


Anonymous said...

Jerry Lee would be shocked and stunned I'M sure.
Hippo new Year monsieur all the best wiv the snappins in the up and coming.

Catchyer shortly.

Nick Benwell said...

well thanks!
Be nice if you left a name though. Let me know who I'm gonna catch.
A happy new year to you too.