Thursday, March 08, 2007

Independance Day

More peace than John Lennon, racier than a Britney Spears lifestyle feature.... must be graduation day at the downtown junior high school.

Brings it all back doesn't it? Just like cheap vodka.

卒業式。ジョン レノンよりピース (-0-)v。ブリトニー スピーズのライフスタイル番組より際どい。懐かしいかな?思い出せる?(チープ ウォッカと同じように全部が戻ってくる)


Alex said...

Wow, I`m surprised they can get away with dressing like that. Our graduation day was dry and boring. Even the yankees were unusually well-behaved and formal.

Great shots! I especially love the second one. I took some photos but was really disappointed in them. I was kind of worried that people would think I`m a pervert or something and I think that mindset ruined my chances of capturing the moment. How did the teachers react to you taking those? Of course I asked first, but I still felt uncomfortable.

Did you manage to make the deadline for the photo exhibit?

Nick Benwell said...

I ran about like a loon taking photos with kids I have been doing Judo with or have had a laugh with, then outside it was a snap-hodai. The teachers are used to it because I always photograph events at school and then leave a copy of all photos on the schools shared picture docs for all to use. Of course, any pictures used on the web have to be pixelated.

I didn't end up entering anything for the competition this year. Damn it. I hadn't anything I wanted to enter and didn't want to force it. Good luck to you though.

Jeremy said...

My school days with cheap vodka never involved girls in sailor uniforms, girls yes, sailor uniforms no....


Nick Benwell said...