Sunday, April 08, 2007


On the way to the bank after taking some blossom snaps at the shrine, I passed through the recently built shopping center 'Asunal' (not to be confused with football teams or piles ointments). The center has a stage, and each week local performers do their thing for the local crowd. This week was the turn of two girl groups "Banana" and "Cara't".

Banana have aquired a certain faim after their first single "Over the rainbow" was chosen for a T.V commercial. They are the senior group, with members in their mid twenties and an established (mostly male) following.

Accompanying them were their (younger) sister group "Cara't". This is a group of four girls, 2 High School and 2 Junior High School. The group is promoted as an 'Idol unit'. The girl pictured is the youngest member at 13/14 years old. Their performance costume is so similar to a school uniform as to make you think that the promoters are hoping to sell the school girl image. ... which of course they are.

If you want to see more then check out their blog sites at "Banana" and "Cara't"

ロリコン アイドル ユーニット "Cara't"。上の写真はCara'tの一番若いメンバー、中学校2年生。


Ognjen said...

roricon..there's a term i haven't heard in a the places in the light pics..where you moving too? have just moved myself to possibly my best place ever, will send pics soon..hows things mon?


Nick Benwell said...

Roricon (lolita complex for the folks back home).

We are moving 10 mins south of kanayama into Atsuta-ku, 1 minute from Nishi Takakura station. Still convenient but quiet, clean and bright. Once we move on saturday, things will be great!

Our mail address may change so get those pics to me asap (small files if possible).

Still studying hard?