Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Sticks

For christmas dinner this year Mitz invited a group of friends and asked me to cook a chicken (I went one better and did a turkey as well, but used too much flour in the gravy).

After photographing some chopsticks the other week for a presentation set brochure, I had an idea to continue the theme and asked our friends to bring the chopsticks they use at home to christmas dinner. My plan was simply to snap them holding their chopsticks as they usually do.

There is a correct way to hold chopsticks of course, but like the knife and fork there are many other ways in use. There is also a huge variety of designs and everybodies hands are different. I thought it would make an interesting series.

On the day however I found myself with so little free time as to be un-amusing, despite getting up at 5:30 in the morning, so the final pics shot on the run are far from satisfactory. The difference between the exposure required for the sticks and the hand, and the resulting effect on the background light will take a little more fine tuning and time for each shot, but for the moment the following four snaps should give you an idea of what I am heading for.

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