Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aye, Fisheye!

This is the Kenko x0.25 180 degree Fisheye Converter. You can find out more details here at the Japan Trends site.
Fisheye lenses are nothing new, but this one is designed to be held in front of or attatched to a compact digital camera or mobile phone camera lens. Below is the lens sitting on top of a Canon Ixy 8 meg (!!!) compact.

And here is how the converter converts.

It's a great little toy and it only costs 10,000 yen (50 pounds). The trends site mentions nothing about larger sizes, but my friend mentioned that it also comes in medium and large sizes, and thought that the larger size would cover and convert a 50mm lens on an SLR.

October 21st: Sadly these don't seem to be available to cover 50mm lenses. A shame. The three sizes available are still only to suit the smaller compact cameras, but I'm holding out for an adaptor.


JR said...

And I always thought Kenko made coffee!
50 squids for a fisheye lens? When I was at college way back in the mists of time I remember them costing loads of wonga.
I wonder what the quality is like though?
Much better than a door viewer?

Nick Benwell said...

Better! I will try and get a copy of one of the pics taken with the Ixy and the fisheye. Post it when I do.

whkento said...

he he. Door viewer. Good plan to put up the Ixy fisheye pic(s).

Don't believe I've ever spent any "wonga"...