Monday, March 02, 2009


The economic slump is hitting the home-grown fast food market it seems. I am sure that the Gyu-don O-mori is smaller than it used to be. Boiled strips of cow meat flavored with onions and sauce on top of a bed (futon?) of rice. A raw egg mixed in for the extra flavor. The chain 'Yoshinoya' even has a stamp card to reward loyal customers. They must be the people we hear about so much on T.V, those sufferers of 'Metabo' (Metabolic Syndrome).
Me? Just late home after the full day then a part time job, making the end meat.


Damon Coulter said...

Yummy! Unhealthy true but not compared to other similarly convenient and fast food in other countries and cultures. Actually I heard Yoshinoya is opening up hundreds more restaurants due to the economic crash, seems they know their cheap eats are what cash-strapped salarymen want after another hard day at the office. And, if said workers have been restructured recently, pretty much all they afford for a night out. Either way they obviously expect to cash in on the misery.

Nick Benwell said...

That was quick!
Just watched a news program about a supermarket chain that models itself on the Sho-tengai, aims for the OAP market and sells everything from 1 or 2 hundred types of soy sauce to cars in a space 3 times the size of Tokyo dome. They're people focussed, the boss advises not to buy too much, 10% of the people they employ are over 60 and they are still opening new stores.
And I'm sitting here thinking "I have to get out more".

JR said...

Whoa-employment for the over fifties?
I'm on the next flight out :-)