Thursday, July 16, 2009


Shopping at the supermarket today reminded me of the old gag about watching your job or you will be replaced with a computer. Pictured above is the latest addition to the checkout lines in Japan's Jusco chain, the DIY register.
Hook your bag onto the holders (bottom left) and then scan in your items yourself and pay. The holder weighs your bag it seems, and then check for the weight of all that is being scanned to make sure you are not being a cheeky tea-leaf.
The whole operation of about 14 machines is monitored by 2 staff.


JR said...

I used one in the UK the other day. They work fine, especially if you swap the barcode sticker from the cod's roe for the one on the caviar which you scan in.

Nick Benwell said...

Used it for the first time myself yesterday. not bad, but put label for spanish ham on the processed stuff by mistake and will be eating bread and cheese for a week as a result. Am not a very savvy tea-leaf.