Monday, August 10, 2009

Buddah In The Wall

Photographs that tell half truths. I could have been somewhere more interesting than I was, but I wasn't, and there was the entrance to a small basement Izakaya near Nagoya station with an interesting display of small statues behind a lattice of bamboo. Next door to the Izakaya? Probably another one, or a petrol station or hotel, and it was on a busy main road. But could you tell how everyday and even a little tacky it was just from the photo? Not really, because the camera doesn't lie but the person holding it can bend the truth.


Will said...

Hi Nick,

I enjoyed going through your photos here. Nice range from the sombre channel shots, the humour in "Kickin it in Alfriston" (where is it by the way, thought I could see a St-Andrews flag and me being a Scot and all I grabbed my attention) to the truth about the camera not lying but the photographer bending the truth on he Buddah In the Wall.

Very nice,



Nick Benwell said...

Thanks for looking. I was about to delete the post when a realized you had commented.
Alfiston is in Sussex, not far from Eastbourne. Is is now part of a national park I hear. My mum moved there a few years ago.