Thursday, September 28, 2006

Balloon stall

I live with Mitsuyo in Nagoya Japan.
Last weekend we turned down the party on the beach to do the family thing in Mitz's hometown, Agui-cho, on the peninsula just south of Nagoya We stopped in briefly to a small festival in Yaguchi (area of hometown) .
The festival is called Mushi-kuyou (mushi meaning 'insects' and kuyou meaning 'memorial').

It's a festival that rotates yearly between the thirteen elligible community areas of Agui, commemorating the insects that die from the mechanisms of crop production (chemical, mechanical, other....).

At most festivals in Japan there are stalls selling food, touting 'try your luck' games, and more often as not, a balloon stall.


Cambridge Complementary Healthcare said...

like the photo nick, did you take it?

heybaroo said...

where else would there be a festival to commemorate dead insects..fantastic..nice photo mate..


Lil Sis said...

You nutter,i dont get this blog thing but giving it a go anyway. keep us posted of other odd goings on! love to Mitz.

XX Esther and Alexis

nick said...

I've been in Japan now for 6 years+. My everyday life is not so different from yours, but the setting is a world apart. I wanted to show you a bit about it. I was thinking recently that the occasional mail, the occasional phone call and the complete absence of written letters doesn't really make for good communication. This does.
As soon as I realised that, the idea of a blog made sense.
Yep, the photo was mine as will all of them be.