Monday, October 02, 2006

Party beneath the highway

Middle of the city, open space, what else are you going to do with it?
Whilst scootering to the city center passed under the elevated highway between Kamimaezu and Sakae. There's usually someone doing something there; skateboarders, hip-hop dance practice,
band practice. It's open space, and you don't have to rent it.

This time it was the combined musical talent of three of Nagoya's universities who had rented a sound system and support staff to hold a one day event. Each band got to play one song.
The guy on the left is engrossed in the lead of a cover of The Eagles 'Hotel California', other bands played their own origional tracks. The range was astounding, the ability high, and the ocassional guitar smashing was most entertaining.

The Entire event lasted about four and a half hours, after which the musicians/audience gave a mass thank you to the sound support team, and then spent the next hour packing gear away and cleaning up after themselves.


heybaroo said...

nice one, followed by a bit of a smash head session i suppose? bastards...

nick said...

What happened next is a whole other story that I'll let you know soon. Busy weekend that.