Monday, October 16, 2006

Street Performers Festival 2

This is the night time performance from the Kin-pun show (the gold show). The dancers, men and women alike, are covered head to toe in gold and wear only a thong.
The dance group only uses gold for their performances in Nagoya.

They perform three times in a day. The night show is the most spectacular and performer friendly. The daytime shows are hot, and the dancer's sweat runs gold.

Here, a fire eating, fire twirling acrobat...

... and here a performance artist keeping the crowd and the subjects alike entertained with her picture and her banter.

There was a monkey show too, but I didn't go to see it. One of the trainers was standing outside of the marquee announcing the last show as I was passing by. The monkey spent the time picking it's nose.

The Ayatsuri puppets date from the Meiji period in Japan (1968 - 1912). There are about 25 strings controlling the puppet's movements, and the puppetry, though based on the European style, is unique to Japan.

This was a very bizarre performance incorporating live music, puppetry, dance and, as you can see, other forms of physical performance.
The show told a story, but I admit to being lost as to what kind.

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