Monday, October 30, 2006

Rock around the block

Often on a Sunday afternoon, especially if it's sunny, the Rockabillies come out to dance, groove and twist.

There is a wide plaza area outside the south exit of kanayama station, just in front of the ANA Grand Court Hotel (more to come) that they have chosen for their stomping ground.

They wrap black tape around the toes of the winkle pickers and wear all leather despite the mid-day sun. They seem to like an audience but don't mind if they annoy everyone either.

See the flickr link for more pics.


heybaroo said...

brilliant man, nice to know those guys are still about...any news on the scooter front apart from will's take on it?


nick said...

No news on bike. Half way to china I'd guess. I very much miss the freedom of that scooter. Great for exploring Nagoya's hinterlands.