Friday, December 29, 2006

At home

I had a call from a photographer friend the other day. She had been asked by a local magazine to find and photograph some 'interesting interiors' for an article on 'interesting interiors'.
I suppose she must have been an interior short of a presentation, because she asked to come round and photograph our place.

These photos are some of the test photographs taken to show the folks at the magazine, who will then decide if our place is 'interesting' enough to show their readers. They also give me the chance to show you some interior snaps with me in them.

We live on the third floor of a five storey "Mansion" (what the Japanese use to call something we might call flats or an appartment building). Can't afford a real mansion? Move to Japan and rent a small one!

We begin with the living room.

Then the room between the living and kitchen.
The fan is a god-send during the humid summer.
Just the one snap.

And then the kitchen/dining room area.

Not very mansion like is it?


heybaroo said...

nice work with the apartment..will have to take some pikkies of my new place once i sort outmy bedroom! looking very nice at kotobuki looked pretty damn good too!


Nick Benwell said...

funny as hell! Yuki on the san-shin and sensei on the guitar, and all the olds on the booze. It was only missing one thing so hurry on back for the next one.