Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Last post of the year so sumfin a bit culchural. Sho-gatsu (new year).

These plastic packed beauties are 'kagami mochi' topped with a 'Dai-dai'. Kagami mochi would be traditionaly made from two pieces of mochi, one smaller one on top of a larger one. These would then be topped by a small orange like citrus fruit called a Dai-dai and displayed in the entrance hall to mark the end of a year, then eaten in a kind of soup in the new year.

Next up, the 'Shime Kazari' grass wreaths which can be seen on the doors and entrances of many a private home and business place in the new year period. This one was hung by the entrance to a Soba noodle restaurant nearby our "Mansion" (ha ha). See the Sho-gatsu link for a brief explanation of Shime kazari.

And I'm spent.
Tonight we will be in Arco, the small bar that we took my dad to for his birthday when he was over here, and also some of my sister's friends when they passed through. Happy new year!

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