Sunday, September 09, 2007

On the job

This is Sakashita Chiriko, a Japanese talent.
Yesterday I was assisting my cameraman at a rented studio in Nagoya where she was making a t.v commercial promoting a sports leasure chain. We were in the smaller studio taking photographs for the poster/magazine campaign.
Nothing amazing to report, but I would like to share 4 thoughts I jotted down in my notebook during the day(I don't think much). Nothing poetic.
After the initial dash to get set up there is a lot of hanging about, waiting. The space you created becomes more familiar, and changing the scenes becomes like moving your front room around to suit a picky guest.
The stereotyped Japanese image of a foreigner is blonde (Chiriko san wearing a blond wig...), and has ever changing expressions of wonder that one seldom sees in Scunthorpe.
Another assistant roped in to give a hand from the t.v set crew knows the rental studio better than I, but not the cameraman's prefered method of set-up. I get blamed. As first assistant to the cameraman, the cameraman tells me, I am the senior assistant of three. Oh god... Management!
There is a story of boredom behind the making of fast moving, exciting comercials. The clients have been sat at the table munching snacks and staring at a monitor for 8 hours now.
On the stereo all day "Return of the bastard" by Tommy Guerrero. Very good!
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