Friday, October 26, 2007

A late postcard from London

A picture from London that I thought I had lost, of the houses of parliment taken just after light up on a sunny summer eve. Very postcard like.

That evening I met a Russian student who had travelled down from Scotland where he was studying to be a doctor. He already spoke perfect English and was learning Japanese to be able to visit/study/work in Japan (the Japanese evidently having a good reputation in medical circles).

More on Japanese medicine as experienced by ordinary folk in the future I think. For now, just the memory of a very rushed summer in the U.K, and a few days happy snapping.

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damon said...

very nice pic, Nick (picnic) Now there`s a nickname if you`ll excuse the pun, if ideed there was one. Bore seriously, a wonderfully evocative image of a well known landmark. Love the light on that one must have been nice to find it wasn`t lost. i hope to be going digital soon as there is every chance the EOS 5D will be going down in price when the mark II comes out, maybe, next month, plus second hand 20Ds are going for 250 quid so could be getting one and then I`m going to have fun with low light and chacing up misplaced pics as all you guys seem to do. off to comment on the search stats post now.
Take care damon