Monday, November 19, 2007


Behind the Kabuki theatre in Fushimi, Nagoya, stands an automated puppet display at the entrance to one of the small shopping streets. Unexpectedly, as this is a puppet display on the open street, there is an "Automated External Defibrillator" attached. These have become quite a common site in train stations lately, but having one on the open street?

Well it may say something for the quality of Kabuki in Nagoya (my first experience of Kabuki was stimulating, confusing, but not quite heart stopping) or the amazing local mechanical dolls. Perhaps the patrons of the Fushimi shopping streets are of an average older age, or maybe the local tebasaki (fried chicken wings) or kushi-katsu (deep fried pork on sticks) is of a cholesterol content beyond McDonald's wildest dreams?

This is so far the only outdoor AED I have seen. My wildest imaginings could not begin to include one of these on the streets of England.
"Watch this boys.... Oi, John....."
"Ere, look at'im twitchin'"

But there is more. Perhaps a story of tragedy or simple forgetfulness, for just behind the AED from where I stood, placed neatly on the granite surface, were a pair of black brogues.

Where the back has been bent down suggests that they were (are?) the property of a man who was having to remove his shoes more regularly than most. They were obviously well used, but in good condition save for the back, suggesting a careful owner. Would a careful owner really leave them at the base of an automated puppet machine at mid-day? What possible explanation could there be?

I have seen plenty of single shoes abandoned on the streets of Nagoya. Enough to suspect that Da-Da is preparing to make a comeback in Chubu. There is no doubt however, that this is the strangest situation, and the only one in which I have seen an abandoned PAIR!

I therefore submit these photographs to you as possible proof of the existance of houseproud human-abducting aliens in the Nagoya area, or the beginnings of a new form of ritual marking the demise of those upon whose gravestone shall be written:

"Additional Explanation Desired"


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