Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Dashing Blade

My friend asked me to take a few photos of a travelling knife. Obviously inspired by the story of the travelling garden gnome, the knife is being circulated around the readership of the web page 'Blade Forums', and recently arrived for a brief visit to Japan.

I'm a bit lost as to the fascination with knives, guns and the like. After a brief period of interest during my teens, and the purchase of a particularly fine sheath knife in a scary weapons store in South Africa, I lost interest. No real need for them in daily life, although I understand the interest in good workmanship.

However, it was fun taking some snaps of the blade yesterday, trying to give a Japanese feeling to the pictures. Only half successful, but cause for much laughter at our home party last night as non-knife fanatic friends joked about the oddness of sitting a knife upon a pole in a Japanese garden.

In retrospect I could have worked a lot harder to produce more images like the first in this post, rather than putting the knife into a very un-knife-like setting and snapping away. The knife remained, for the most part, as incongruous to it's surroundings as the gnome was to Big Ben, but without the joke appeal.

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Damon said...

First shot is class, and the bottom one is not bad either. Yes I went through that whole Survival Aids of Penrith?!? thing.; living off the land and annoying my friends on walks in the country by pointing out all you could and couldn`t eat. Then I got into climbing and realized you didn`t need to be prepared to kill someone just to go camping! Happy days though. Thanks for the Star Wars post by the way had me laughing out loud