Friday, December 26, 2008

Black, White and Blue

There he sat in Central Park plaza as I was walking by, and it felt like an intrusion to scoop him up in my digital eye.
Too well dressed to be homeless, and as deep in thought or sorrow as anyone I have seen. I could only hope to wonder, as we will likely never meet, at what had cast him down.


Anonymous said...

All japanese ok? Would you please reply in English?
knightのkについて、英語では「k‥発生」「N‥強調」ていう概念が有るの?だから組み合わせの「kn」は「いきなり出た」っていう意味になるから、騎士「knight」は「いきなり優勝した無名の若者」という事に!「強調したい発生」概念でも、「kn」は発音出来ないからイギリス人の祖先は、「k」を省くと意味がなくなるので、やむを得づ「k」は残して、発音しない事にしたのでは?I don't know! What do you think about this? ニック? ken

Nick Benwell said...


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. ニック!

だけど、Happy new year! ニック!