Saturday, May 09, 2009

Keitai Snaps

Last month I held an elective lesson at school on the theme of taking interesting photos with a mobile camera. The chance to be allowed to used their mobile phones in a lesson (we confiscate any that are used in class as a rule) drew 60 students.... and we were allotted a classroom for 40.
After a brief introduction and a 'getting to know your phone's camera' period, we talked about and practiced taking photos with contrast, movement and angles. After that I let the students loose on a rainy Saturday afternoon and the above are some of the result.
Some students used their inbuilt phone functions instead of thinking, some really tried hard to do something different, and some took the ideas from the lesson and took something a little different from their usual. All seemed to have fun.

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ben said...

一枚目の写真 最高!!!