Friday, May 01, 2009


And what a busy day. On top of the lessons, and the meetings, and the marking, we have club activities. In my high school I am now in charge of the new Newspaper Club and it's related blog. You can see a few test articles on that blog here.
Our first club activity was, of course, interviewing the headmaster. The aim of the interview was introducing a more personal side of the headmaster. The newspaper club finished their interview and I called in my volunteer from the photography club to help me out with the photo above which I hope will illustrate the article. Not a bad effort. The piece of paper over his shoulder is annoying, but at least we removed his lunchbox from the background.
On the way home I stopped off at the chemist to pick up a new pack of masks only to find that they had sold out. Photo taken on handy mobile phone as SLRs tend to draw stares when produced in a chemist's.
The empty spaces on the racks were the virus blocking masks. The green packs at the top are the standard versions (shop brand).
Japan is responding to the WHO phase 5 warning by being practical. They are handing out information pamphlets to high risk groups and in Kyoto, a tourist spot, they are doing so in many languages to visiting foreigners (reported NHK). Keep washing your hands and gargle.The media in Japan is not quite hysterical yet, but they could learn a few things from Yahoo news about dramatizing things with figures.

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