Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When out walking, remember to stop and smell the rice plants.
A photo I re-discovered from last year when I was out playing with the black and white setting on the D200 I had bought second hand. Mint condition for 300 pounds!! Thank you to the old boy photographers of Japan for always trading in the nearly new for new.

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Damon Coulter said...

Nice shot! Very emotive of countryside and childhood. I agree too, Japan must have the best market for secondhand cameeras in the world: there are already secondhand Canon 5D mark2s on sale in Map Camera at a good saving (though never enough) on the new price that have been traded in no doubt for...
Hold on minute there is nothing newer in Canon , perhaps Nikon you know how allegences change here.
I`m Canon (for now- sorry)but still not wealthy enough to get one yet.
Hope you`re well and keeping busy.
Will talk soon