Friday, January 09, 2009

Performance Art

This photo was taken using my mobile phone which, I discovered, has a black and white setting for the camera. What next? DOF?


JR said...

I love it. Scary how good mobile phone cameras are these days. My nokia has a 5mp camera with carl zeiss lens! The tiny chip size means it's not quite ready to replace my Nikons just yet though.

Whats the white thing behind the sleeping man-a paper wrapped bottle of saki?

Nick Benwell said...

Looks like something in a plastic bag, but I really don't remember. Could be.
It was the last train of the day. I woke him up when we got to a major station and helped him off the train....
..he walked right over to a platform bench and promptly fell asleep again.

JR said...

Thats very altruistic of you Nick.
Probably was a bottle of something in his plastic bag then :-)