Thursday, January 22, 2009

Riding The Wave

An advertisement for a fashion magazine hanging in the subway carriage on the way home this evening taken on the mobile camera. I only just noticed it before I got off. "We can change". For the OL's of Japan (Office Ladies) this means:
Yes we can 1: Looking cuter this summer.
Yes we can 2: Moving one rank up on the femininity meter.
Yes we can 3: A new one piece dress.
Yes we can 4: A variety of cute and wearable new looks.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see such progress in the women's movement over there.

Nick Benwell said...

What womens movement?
I myself have burned a few of my wifes bras, but that is another story.

Damon Coulter said...

That story sounds like a good topic for a future post Nick, Enquiring minds...
Anyway I love how they have appropriated President Obama`s campaign slogan for the right feeling of optimistic renewal and fresh, innovative change. Or perhaps hard hats and plaid shirts tucked in is the new fashion movement as in Bob the Builder.