Monday, August 13, 2007

Dorothy came and left me ....

... a way home? If I lived in Kansas I'd be tempted. It would certainly be cheaper than the return ticket I bought home. A fifty percent price increase on the same ticket not a couple of months ago, but that was before the school holidays and before the Obon holiday season. And try getting the exchange rate from 7 years ago at any bank now. Hah! And I just moved! What a time for a holiday!


Damon said...

Yes I`ve just discovered that I`m poor despite mty seven day 14 hour a day week due to the exchange rate. Have fun in blighty though mate. When do you get back?

Nick Benwell said...

Back on the 31st. The flight is via Dubai, making it nearly a day's journey each way. Inflight complimentary drinks don't include booze, which Mitz thinks is yet another example of airlines trying to cut down on weight to save fuel (the first was using thinner plastic cutlery).
Tired, sober and broke (~o~)V