Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here we go, Here we go....

The bland elevator music that began as the train pulled into Japan's newest international air terminal "Centrair" signalled the beginning of journey time. The spirit already flown abroad, the body just travelling to catch up.

"Centair" is an attempt to create a catchy new name by mixing 'central' and 'air', Nagoya being in the central region of Japan. The result is difficult to pronounce in any langauge.

First in line at check in brings the reward of an emergency door seat, with all the leg-room I could wish for. An 11 hour flight through the night, 2 hours in Dubai airport and then an 8 hour stretch to Gatwick. I hear that there are protests planned at Heathrow tomorrow and am happy to avoid it.

One hour to kill before boarding. Ignore the T.V kindly provided by Sony and to a space near gate 19 with a pack of cards for some meditative solitaire. Dashing in and out of the smoking cage, trying to keep my cloathes fresh that little bit longer. Enjoying wearing full leangth jeans for the first time in two months. Conditioned air for the next 24 hours. Not so many kids (yet). Non crying. Unable to buy Sake to take home as Dubai airport rules prevent it. Looking forward to seeing family and friends. Out of 100 yen coins for the internet. See you on the far side.

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