Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kings on holiday

A bank holiday Sunday in Cambridge. View of Kings College chapel from the river. One of three days of sunshine from the last two weeks. To learn about the rules governing English conversations about weather, read "Watching the English" by Kate Fox. Recomended reading for anybody who has spent time in England. Any good examples of 'Comments reserved for sunny days' in the comments please.
"Like a london bus innit? Wait for one for ages and then three come at once!"


Damon said...

I`ve read that book you find yourself wanting her to be wrong but there is almost nothing in there to disagree with...unfortunately. Sound like you`re having a good time home and nice pics too. you can`t resist your "into the light" trademark even with a horse i see!
Take care hope to catch up when you get back.

Nick Benwell said...

Find myself just over the jetlag and have to head back.
I think they modelled the Hobbits in the recent Lord of the Rings trilogy on the English.
Just realised i left my tripod in my friends car, and i fly back tomorrow.
Looking forward to getting back.