Saturday, August 18, 2007

Royally Drunk

One of the best things about the U.K, apart from bacon, is the beer. The huge range of real ales available from breweries all over the country leaves you spoiled for choice. Japan also has some fantastic local beers (Ji - beeru) but not only are they very expensive, but most can only be bought in the local area.

Yesterday I picked up two bottles of Duchy Organic at the supermarket for £1:59 a bottle.
"Duchy comes from the Duchy of Cornwall estates which are held in trust by The Prince of Wales who, as heir to the throne, also holds the title Duke of Cornwall."
(from the Duchy Originals webpage HERE)

A very light beer, probably best served chilled. I had no idea that HRH was involved in this line of work, even at a remove, and commend him for looking into alternative avenues for employment.


Ognjen said...

that looks thoroughly delectable...the colour!

Nick Benwell said...

right tasty it was too!