Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The granite wall and the sun

On the way home this afternoon I found a beautiful new granite wall. It reflects everything that passes by.

I'm not in the best of health at the moment. I call it 'season changing sickness', and I get this way at this time every year, so I didn't stop long (The doctor told me last year that these are syptoms usually only seen in the very young or the very old! It'll all be fine when the rainy season actually starts).

Shooting at 200 iso with a film speed of 200 at f8 (yawn) wasn't optimal. Some depth of field issues, and then the sun hiding behind a cloud.

But I feel that I have found again a place where it is not necessary to compose interesting photographs of people. Rather the people just arrive and the composition takes care of itself. I hope that todays snaps are the beginning of an interesting people series.

(free subscription to this blog if you can tell me what the girl in the last photo is carrying)


Alex said...

No idea, but I would guess an LV bag? Awesome shots, I never even would have thought to do that. You could have some real fun with that.

Nick Benwell said...

Ya Ya Ya... the other brown thing cradled in her arms.

Jeremy said...

dinner ?


Alex said...

Is that a rabbit?

Damon said...

A rabbit, school project or the latest pet fad!

Nick Benwell said...

Dinner! Ha- Ha- Ha-!!!!!

Yup. A rabbit. Maybe she was going to introduce it to laughing boy in the previous post?