Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More places in the light


Jeremy said...

are these all taken in the same location these pics...? I really like them. I'm jealous. I look out the window and it's grey, there's no chance of me doing any similar today !

Re your "Fame and toilets" comment. ...a friend of mine, a videographer, was working with the President of Ecuador, and was attending a politcal conference of governemnts in South America. He nips out to go to the Gents for a pee, he's standing at the urinal and he hear's the door open and close behind him. He glances round, looks back to the wall, and glances round again, doing a double-take. Il Commandante Fidel Castro is standing beside him in his battle fatigues, fly open, having a pee. My pal finishes, washes up, goes outside, meets the two bodyguards standing outside, then waits for Castro to come out and asks for autograph and photo...Fidel obliges.

Same pal also was filming with Ecuadorean president and the Pope. On the way out the Pope John Paul II says to my pal Hans "that camera looks heavy", and duly takes the camera from him and carries it for him....

keep going with the people emerging from the light, you've a very good series going there. Good luck.


Nick Benwell said...

Thanks again. It is nice to be praised, especialy by a working photographer.

Yep, the photos are taken in one location. The light is changing there because of the season change and I have been too busy to go snappin recently but hopefully in the near future (over the golden weekend) I will have the good weather and time to spend there again. The weather is the same in Nagoya as Tokyo today.

Re: your Fidel story... did he mention if Fidel peeked at all?
Re: your pope story... what do you want to bet the camera was a canon... m(/o\)m

Jeremy said...

Fidel - lets just hope Fidel washed his hands...

Canon- ho ho ho.... :)

happy shooting,