Friday, May 11, 2007

"In Japan, there is no moon"

From this site I have chosen this gem:

"I've been here in Japan for six months now, casing out the place. Amungst the repressed and the bizarre I have fished out enough information to qualify that the stereotype is true - the Japanese have representation in their hearts and technology at their finger tips and seemingly an allergy to direct experience. "

(the spelling mistake is not mine)

The site and the idea for 'no photography day' (which I shall be supporting of course) are the brainchild of 23 year old Becca Bland.

I won't waste time discussing the why's of her plan, or her slightly limited impressions of Japan. Just read the article. It speaks volumes about the writer, not the cause.


Ognjen said...

It's been a long time since an article challenged me and touched and moved me as much as this did. And as for the metaphysical content of the last quote...left me stunned and breathless...go Brighton! What the bloody hell is this girl taking? I want her drugs...How much fun would it be to crack an isho-bin with her and talk about the no-moon...


Nick Benwell said...

I really enjoyed the line:
"This element of living is scarcely found in Tokyo, never mind the remainder of Japan...."

"Good lord" I said, "I didn't realise Tokyo had gotten so big!"