Monday, May 21, 2007



dendoo said...

Couple of things:

Really love your photos. The stuff your doing with the light is just utterly amazing. I had my whole office ooohing and aahing over the slide show on the bottom.

Second is I got your link from PingMag and really i'm curious about how you found moving to Japan to be. Was it hard, would you go through it again and is it more difficult if, like me, you don't know a lick of Japanese.

if you answer me then yay, if not amazing pictures and i'll surely be watching this blog.

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Nick Benwell said...

Hi! And thanks! And your work looks great.

I wrote a reply this morning but it didn't upoad I guess. I'll try again.

On moving to Japan:

Was it hard?
I was lucky. My girlfriend (nope wife) from london was Japanese so that made things easier, but there are many challenges, yes.

Would you go through it again?
Hell yes! One of the most exhilerating experiences I have had yet.

If you don't know Japanese?
Learn! Start now. If you do move, go to lessons every week and keep at it because it pays off!
"The limits of my language are the limits of my world" Ludwig Wittgenstein

You can live here and not learn of course. Many people do, but I don't know why.

There is alot of info to help you if you do move, either on the net or at the international centers. try these:

and don't always take the word of people who have been here longer than you (unless it's about learning the language). Go out and find out for yourself.

One 15 year veteran I met when I first arrived spent 2 hours bemoaning the Japanese and their ways. Very bitter man. Should have gone home ages ago. Didn't speak a word of Japanese either. Claimed he didn't need to....?

God luck and stay in touch.


Nick Benwell said...

for (nope wife) read (now wife)
(-O-) V