Monday, July 02, 2007

Days Japan

The Japan based "Days Japan" is not a magazine I have ever seen on the bookshelves at Maruzen. I don't read as much as perhaps I should, but you would think I wouldn't miss a cover like this. But then perhaps every magazine with even a slight leaning towards international reportage carries front pages like this and I'm desensitized?
According to their wesite news section here, the magazine aims to showcase photojournalists work without bias, and to remove the commercialism from journalism (the link to a 2004 interview with the editor in chief Ryuichi Hirokawa in the Japan Times online is no longer current). Days Japan is an NPO that provides a platform for photogs to show their work.
Between the 11th and the 22nd of this month, Days Japan will hold an exhibition of journalistic photographs from around the world at the Nagoya International Center. Their slogan for this exhibition is "小さな写真1枚1枚の中に、確かに「世界」が存在している" - "The world exists within each individual photograph" (apaologies if translation a bit off). It will be showcasing the work of 6 foriegn photojournalists.
The Days Japan exhibition will be held on the 4th floor of the international center. Tickets 400 yen in advance and 500 yen on the door.
(This post has been edited since posting. I woke up this morning with the uneasy feeling that something I had written just wasn't right. Sad to say it wasn't. The Days Japan exhibition will feature photo stories from abroad only. Well worth seeing I imagine, but I would love to see some good work by a Japanese photographer taken in Japan that is not only about the festivals or natural scenes. It is easier to focus attention to the problems of other countries but more difficult to look at your own. Nick)


Jeremy said...

it's a magazine that bores me I'm afraid. Photography / Photo-journalism is not only about death and disaster....and the magazine needs to get over it's Salgado/ Nachtwey obsession.

anyway, I'm away out to buy 'Chat' look at pics of celebs.

Nick Benwell said...

I'll still go to the exhibition, but will see if I can't find a 'Days Japan' rep to have a chat with and put that idea to them.

(If you get chat drop me a line with my horoscope please.)