Friday, July 06, 2007

Old shots, still hot

This is a selection of just a few of the negatives I saved from being thrown away before my cameraman moved studios. I wish I had taken more!

The new studio is what you imagine when you hear the word 'studio'. It has two floors, both are very large open spaces. The first has a concrete floor, white walls and silver painted steel girders, the second floor is wooden floored wood paneled walls, giving more of a homely feel.
All very exciting!

I hope to have time to take some photos of the studio next time I am there but with a series of location shoots on the cards I doubt I'll get it.


Alex said...

Wow! They`re all great, but I can`t believe he`s throwing some of those away. It must be nice to be that good that stuff like this becomes disposable...

Nick Benwell said...

No, he threw 30 years of this kind of stuff away. I was busy stuffing my pockets with the ones I had time to look at and thought interesting.

We threw away a whole rubbish bag of film like this! So many set ups and scenes and they all turned to smoke in a day.