Monday, July 09, 2007

The Nagoya Basho

Yesterday was the first day of the 50th anniversary Nagoya Sumo tournament. I was there from about 1:30, watching the lower ranks compete before the main event. Sadly I forgot to take my spare battery or charger (and me a studio assistant!) so my snapping was cut short, but the tournament lasts for 14 days and my summer hols begin on Friday!

I was fascinated this time as always with the shapes that you can see in the ring as the wrestlers go through the ritual motions of preparing, facing off and finaly fighting. This is a selection of some of the photos from yesterdays tournament.


Damon said...

Those are nice pics Nick, Much better than mine! I love sumo enjoy the rest of the tournament.

Nick Benwell said...

Thanks, but they're the top 10 from about 400. Infinite monkeys, infinite cameras and all that.

I will enjoy going back when it's quieter. An I will remember all spares!!!

Ognjen said...

Aaarrgghhh (simulated frustrated screams of agony), bastard! A day of snapping shots, drinking nihonshu, throwing cushions, and seeing fat men pushing each other out of a circle...what better day could you ask for? enjoy, my friend, and ta for your message the other week...odj

Nick Benwell said...

He he he. Yes it was great fun! When asa-shouryu lost (his fifth loss in a row) the cushions really flew!

We had seats up in the stall which, believe it or not was better than a masu. We could see more and stretch our legs for half the price.

Anonymous said...

Wow you got those shots fro up in the stalls! I really feel the need to get to a Basho now, going to be looking at Nagoya prices on the Shinkansen. Then Arguing witht he wife about it! Mindyou the darling is driving me to a matsuri this Sunday at stupid o`clock in the morning. Excuse the redwine grammar tlak to you soon

Nick Benwell said...

The seats we paid for were in the stalls, but I spent the first 4 hours perched on the corner (first 4 inches) of a slightly raised row of cushion seats (zabuton) 4 rows from the very front, about 10 feet from the ring!

As long as I wasn't just sitting there with a beer cheering "go on my son" and was busy photographing, nobody minded.

Damon, if you can get here for the 18th I'm going again. Got spare futons!