Thursday, July 05, 2007

Under the weather

Unlike the sounthern island of kyushu that has been hit by floods and landslides caused by torrential rain, we have been fairly lucky in Nagoya, Aichi, with only a few days of solid rain, constant cloud cover and humidity that turns your legs to jelly.


Damon said...

Just linked on a weather post, followed the link and you had written the same! Nice shot, great clouds, In my climbing days a view of a sky like that would have had be running for the road below. catch ya later Damon

Nick Benwell said...

i was a climber too! Rocks in the lake district. great sandstone!

Damon said...

Southern softy me, That`s soft sandstone at Harrisons and High Rocks and the like not me I was quite `ard actually but it has been a few years since I could get out. Funny I am not surprised looking at your long legs and arms in the pic to the right that you were a climber. Chris Willson was one too! If we all didn`t live in such disperate place4s we could actually get out climbing together. Damon