Thursday, July 12, 2007

A final place in the light?

I have been very, very ruthless.

In a previous post here, I asked you to have a look at what I thought might be a final selection from the many photos in the 'Place in the light' series. The responses were all great, and one in particular pushed me to work harder at making a set of pictures that might hold together both in picture quality and mood. Wonder if they do?

I think I have done well to reduce the set to only 6. I did not want to, but this has been a necessary exercise in structure as well as will power. The final (?) set can be seen in the mini series gallery at the bottom of this page.

I hope that by being ruthless I will provide a good solid base for continuing this series. Building blocks for the future. With thanks to J.S Hibbert for telling it how it is.


Damon said...

Nice some favourites gone and I`m not sure about the ripped -shirt guy with the bag as he seems too light. But really good. Yes Mr Sutton Hibbert is a bit of a hero for telling it like it is isn`t he? Keeps nudging me in the right direction too and as soon as I have more time I aim to run more of my recent work by him.
I`m his official Tokyo stalker by the way but if you wish to share the duties for kansai I`ll hand over the west to you :)
Let me run the 18th by my wife and bank balance. But maybe, maybe.
Take care can`t wait to see more work.

Nick Benwell said...

Talking of stalking...
I got asked to stop taking photos in a train station. Fair enough. I wasn't being secretive about it or anything though. Standing in the middle of the station with my camera bag and big SLR is fairly obvious.

last week walking through the same station sans camera, I see the business end of a zoom lens poking out from behind a poster stand. There are a pair of bare legs poking out from underneath, with a pair of leather business shoes on the end of them.

It was a little sweaty fella taking photos of high school girls on the way home from school (he was wearing t-shirt and shorts as well!).I watched, waiting for the security to have a word, and I was still watching while he moved from place to place to place. Not a peek from the boys in light blue.