Friday, June 01, 2007

The Granite wall and the sun (cont.)

As with so many things, the first shots were first time lucky. Yesterday in the same spot, no kids carrying rabbits, no kids leaping out from behind walls and no old men walking well groomed dogs.

This photo was taken this morning, hence the change in the background light. Shooting at a higher F stop gave me some leeway in terms of the subjects position.

Shooting with a wide lens yesterday gave much better results which included the blue sky and electricity cables above, but I shot those in the Nikon NEF format, and I don't have the software to convert them to JPEG yet so I can't show them here.

The lighting on the face continues to be a problem. It is a case of waiting for the subject to be in the right place, and in this sense it differs completely from studio photography (for one shoot we rigged up a brace for the models head to ensure no movement and the exact same lighting on the face for each cut).

It's like fishing or waiting for a London bus. You can be in the right place for hours but nothing comes along. After all the waiting and snapping, it may be that this is not a worthwhile series afterall, but exploring the options is an education.


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