Friday, June 01, 2007

Matsuri season

The Matsuri (festival) season is upon us. There is one going on in the shrine in the park next door to me as I write, and tomorrow is the Arimatsu Matsuri which I would not have known about if the manager of my regular camera shop hadn't spotted me taking wall photos and given me a lift home.

The festival dates back about 400 years it seems, and the manager assured me that it's a national level festival... well, perhaps a little local pride there. The photos on the home page certainly don't give it the feel of anything that Tokyo seems capable of producing (though what does?) . The matsuri is based around its 'Shibori' (Tie-dyeing) industry, and should feature shows and demonstrations by their craftspeople. Should be colourful if not colourful.

Ah! Japanese sake in the open air! Mmmmatsuri!

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