Monday, June 11, 2007

Manga Hanger

The 'Dolled Up' clothes stands, The Models with The Goggles...
Following on from a post on the 'Sungypsy' blog entitled 'Pink', about Tokyo's Akihabara district: I walked into the shopping center in Mitz's home town on Saturday and saw these two mannequin in the ladies & girls shopping area (just next to the men's section and on the way to the food court!)
It's not the first time I have seen mannequin like these, but the similarity to those in Damon's photo made me wonder if I hadn't stepped through a 'Doko-demo-door' (a go anywhere door) into Akihabara itself. Still, one cutesy anime character looks the same as another. 'Candy Candy' from the 1970's (Manga) and 1980's (anime) displays the same facial characteristics as the 'Bimbou shimai monogatari' girls out on DVD now. Cute & Generic.

It seems that the particular attraction of a female anime/manga character for the male audience such as those in Damon's post is to be able to see a flash of pants every so often. This is not such a recent thing or restricted to purely male audience manga (cartoon porn) either, with classic childrens anime characters such as Sailor Moon or Merumo Chan both flashing undies at some point.

A friend of mine gave a presentation during her university lesson on the subject of why men like skirts. She concluded that it is the slightest suggestion of the meerest possibility of seeing pants that keeps us interested and excited, and not what is beneath. And if you remember anybody, the disappointment you felt as a child when you went beyond the simple flight of imagination and actualy lifted up your sister's or your own Barbie's skirt when she wasn't wearing undies, you might be inclined to agree.

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