Sunday, June 03, 2007

More places in the light

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert in Tokyo(land) sent me this link to an exhibition by Kenyan Photographer Jehad Nga. His work is made perhaps more beautiful by the many coloured clothes that his subjects are wearing. I should like it very much if the people in my photographs were all wearing kimono, but then that wouldn't be very realistic or true to everyday Japan. I shall have to wait untill the matsuri (festival) season really kicks in and the the girls go out wearing their coloured Yukata (lightweight kimono).

Until that time....


Alex said...

I am anxiously waiting the yukata.

Anonymous said...

Man the second photo with the women with arms akimbo looks like a dance (except the handbag)Yukata would be very nice hope you are lucky with that one: light, position etc.
The African photos were good weren`t they!

Nick Benwell said...

Damn good! The use of horizontals really opened up the picture and the imagination. Weather (sunlight) permitting I will be snaping this afternoon and trying to get some horizontals and some film shots. Up till now it has all been digital.
As always, thanks for looking!

Jeremy said...

Nick, cheers for the link.
I like this set a lot, the pics just keep getting better I feel. Fantastic just the faces showing, pics 1 and 6.

Pic 1 looks like an old master painting, full of piety and religion. Beautiful.

These will look great as a series of nice prints.


Charles Betz said...

Great pictures, bravo!

Nick Benwell said...


Tried the horizontal approach and it just doesn't work in the space i shoot in. Too much background noise.

Taking photos in the city in Japan is (I'm sure you know) always a comprimise between getting the scene you want and including the power cables, neon adds and chimpira that you might not.

I took this set using a 135 mm prime on my digital, so exposure was trial and error and focussing on moving subjects was difficult. I was amazed at the results myself, and the first one is perhaps my favourite yet!