Tuesday, June 05, 2007


... in Japan stands for Old Age Photographers (made up name). At the Arimatsu festival on Saturday the amount of 'Senior Snappers' was amazing. These retired 'rice winners' are now in the fortunate position of having both time and money to spend on their chosen passtime.

More power to them! Their desire for the new and expensive means a constant flow of high quality used cameras and equipment into the second hand market. Each time a new digital camera is released, the flood of previous models is absorbed by the younger generation of hobbyists and photographers. The condition is usualy very good, and I picked up my D70 last year in mint condition for half it's retail price.
These Rotographers (Rojin = old person) are also a steady source of income for rental studios. Groups or clubs will often rent the space, an assistant and a model for a 'Satsuei-kai' (photography meeting). A friend of mine who manages one local studio says that sadly, these are the most boring events she has ever had to assist, with 6 to 8 men photographing one nubile in a bikini.
Check out any matsuri or other event for local Rotographer action.

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Damon said...

That`s a great study in Sunday cameramen. I`m waiting for the rumoured replacement to the EOS5D to come out and then i will be digital at an affordable price! Yippee!!!
Thanks for the comment, yes that`s him at the bottom left.
Easy wasn`t it?