Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Matsuri snacks

At the Atsuta matsuri in Nagoya last night. There was the usual range of matsuri snacks being sold from the pavement stalls (yatai). The coated bananas seem to be very popular, but the one that got the crowds ooh-ing and ah-ing were the salted Ayu.
Heavily salted Ayu skewered on sticks and slow cooked over hot charcoal embers are a favourite summer snack, and this was the first time I and most of the crowd had seen them on sale this year.
The garish colours of the bananas was one thing, but the effect of fish shoaling even in death was just too bizarre. I tried to show this in a photograph but failed miserably. Still, you get the idea.
More matsuri snacks to follow.

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